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PART ONE, 3:30-4:30: New Scholarship on Communities and Resource Commons in Japan

Tomohiko Ohno (Economics, Hannan University)
“Rises and Falls in Watershed Governance in Japan: changes in river policy and community reactions”

Hitoshi Kominami (Rural Studies, Kyoto University)
“A Community-based Set-net Fishing Enterprise in Japan: demographic change and organizational response in the Niizaki Fisheries Cooperative from 1949 to the present”

Gaku Mitsumata (Economics, Hyogo University)
“Preservation of Commons, Innovation of Institutions, and Environmental Education in the Secret History of Japan’ʹs School Forests since Meiji”

PART TWO, 4:30-5:30: Waste Management and Public Health

Alex Bay (Chapman University)
“Nation from the Bottom Up: Disease, Toilets and Waste Management in Modern Japan”

Presented by the Triangle Center for Japanese Studies. Co-sponsored by the Duke Asian/Pacific Studies Institute + UNC’s Carolina Asia Center and Center for Global Initiatives
DATE: November 18, 2011
LOCATION: Room 210, Gardner Hall, UNC
TIME: 3:30-5:30pm

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