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(Negishi Kichitaro, 2008, 94 min, Japanese w/ English subtitles, Color, 35mm)
Dog in a Sidecar, Negishi Kichitaro’s subtly nuanced, strikingly acted summer’s tale about a little girl whose horizons are expanded by her encounter with a free-spirited young woman, unfolds in sharply-etched detail from a child’s-eye view. Based on Yu Nagashima’s novel, the unpretentious coming-of-age story basks in the kind of phenomenological observation and understated epiphanies most literary adaptations leave on the page, helped greatly by Yuko Takeuchi’s award-showered performance as the girl’s guide. Within its nostalgia-tinged reverie, the film packs a quietly subversive punch.
— Winner of the Kinema Junpo Award for Best Actress (Takeuchi Yuko)
DATE: November 5. 2012
LOCATION: Griffith Theater, Bryan Center, Duke
TIME: 7:00pm

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