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The NC Japan Center is very excited to present the new fall exhibition of paintings by NYC artist Hisako Kobayashi. Kobayashi, originally from Japan, now spans the globe with her exhibitions in the US, Guatemala, Romania, France, Turkey, Germany, Mexico, Italy, Austria, China, Morocco, and back at home in Tokyo.
Her paintings are deeply layered expressions of thoughtful and searching emotions inspired by the human struggle to understand and coexist with nature.
“In quietness, I try to listen to the rhythm that comes from afar, through the deep of my body, as if carried by the wind from a place immense and far, far away. With hope I try to visualize it. That is from where my painting comes.” -Hisako Kobayashi 2009
The Japan Center will also offer a special event at the Kobayashi reception. At 4:30pm, Ms. Ogura will offer visitors a presentation of her prefecture, as well as a sampling of their tea. The tea tasting will be followed by a gallery talk at 5:00pm. Ms. Ogura is visiting the Japan Center and our community from Shizuoka as a representative of her Prefectural organization.
The Hisako Kobayishi exhibition will be on display through November 30, 2012
DATE: September 22, 2012
LOCATION: NC Japan Center, 705 Barbour Drive, Raleigh
TIME: 4:00-6:00pm

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