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The Anthropology Colloquium Serie at UNC Chapel Hill and the Triangle Center for Japanese Studies invite you to join us for a talk by Joseph Hankins, Assistant Professor of Anthropology at UC-San Diego. The title of his talk is, “Wounded Futures: Pain, Sympathy, Solidarity: Japanese Sanitation Workers among the Dalit of India.”
Refreshments will be served before the talk at 3:15pm. 
Colloquium Abstract:
In 2006, a small group of Japanese sanitation workers traveled from Tokyo to Chennai, India to meet with a group they saw as potential comrades – the Dalit. Over the course of several days, these groups shared stories of pain and discrimination – the rigors of marginalization told alongside triumphs of resistance. 
Hankins’ talk focuses on the politics and aesthetics of this solidarity project between the Japanese Buraku people and the Dalit of South Asia. Building on notions of circulation and commensuration drawn from linguistic and economic anthropology, he explores the creation and cultivation of “fellow feeling,” considering the ways in which subjects learn to experience themselves through the mediating gaze of others. His discussion will critically engage contemporary work on recognition and vulnerability and open the possibility of alternatives to liberal sympathy.
DATE:  December 2, 2013
LOCATION:  Alumni Building, Room 308, UNC-Chapel Hill
TIME:  3:30pm

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