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KARATANI POSTERThe Institute of Critical Theory hosts an international conference to consider the historical, political, and philosophical issues raised in Kojin Karatani’s The Structure of History (Duke University Press).
Co-sponsored by the Office of the Provost, Duke Graduate School, Asian/Pacific Studies Institute, Department of History, and the Triangle Center for Japanese Studies.

Friday April 18:  2:00-6:00pm

  • “From Kant to Modes of Production” – Fredric Jameson
  • On Karatini:  Chair – Leo Ching
    • “Transcritique Alongside the Parallax: On Capitalist Crisis (Kozo Uno), Unemployment, and Race” – Ken Kawashima
    • “Karatani’s ‘Trinity'” – Viren Murthy
    • “Karatani’s Dialectic: Absolute Formalism and Utopic Figuration” – Phil Wegner
    • “A Binary of the Everyday” – Takushi Odagiri
  • “Karatani in Beijing: Notes from the Seminar on the Configuration of World History” – Wang Hui:  Chair – Michael Hardt
  • Reception

Saturday, April 19:  9:00am-6:00pm

  • The Political Dimension:  Chair – Mark Driscoll
    • “History and Politics in Karatani’s Structure of World History” – Arif Dirlik
    • “Karatani and Praxis” – Eric Cazdyn
    • “Marxist Intercourse and Kantian Anarchism in the Struggle for Communism: From Verkehr to Verkehrung” – Kanishka Goonewardena
  • History and Globalization:  Chair – Negar Mottahedeh
    • “World History, Kyoto Philosophy, and the Problem of the Present” – Harry Harootunian
    • “Modes of Production, Modes of Exchange, and World Pictures” – Chris Hill
  • Modes of Production (I):  Chair – Ralph Litzinger
    • “Anthropologies of the Archaic: Gift, Reciprocity, Sacrifice” – Marilyn Ivy
    • “On Plunder, State Capital, and X” – Joel Wainwright
    • “Perversion and Transition: On Modes of Production and Modes of Exchange” – Gavin Walker
  • Modes of Production (II):  Chair – Rey Chow
    • “The World in World-Republic” – Manu Goswani
    • “Cooperatives and the Commune-form after the Paris Commune” – Kristin Ross
    • “Transactions for the Community” – Naoki Sakai
  • “Neoliberalism as a Historical Stage” – Kojin Karatani:  Chair – Harry Harootunian

DATE:  April 18-19, 2014
TIME:  See Schedule
LOCATION:  Room 115, Friedl Bldg, Duke East Campus

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